Share Capital: CHF 800'000.--
Stock in Switzerland and Germany, vendor managed inventory (JIT and Kanban)
MetSuisse reflects the precision and high quality products that the industry requires.
Being the first metal distribution company specializing in the medical and watch industry, MetSuisse has been able to specialize in sourcing for these industries. The stringent and precise requirements found in the medical and watch industry have given us the experience and abilities required to meet the requests from various industries. Next to our experience we are the first metal distribution company specialized in the medical industry, and certified according to ISO 13485 besides ISO 9001.
Currently, we are specialized mainly in the metals titanium, zirconium Zr 702, CoCrMo, medical stainless and tungsten alloys. However, you can gladly contact us with any of your sourcing requests. We work with dedicated partners in Europe, Japan, the US and China.